Finest Call Sweet & Sour 1L

Brand: Finest Call

Finest Call Sweet & Sour Mix

Finest Call Carb-Conscious Sweet & Sour Mix is a blend of real lemon juice and sugar-free sweetener, highlighted by all natural lemon, orange and lime extracts. With only one net carb and zero calories per serving, this product will allow even the most devoted Atkins or South Beach dieter to enjoy a multitude of refreshing cocktail creations. Enjoy the same super-premium flavor system found in regular Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes with just a fraction of the total net carbohydrates. The Finest Call Carb-Conscious line of Premium Cocktail Mixes contains absolutely NO SUGAR ADDED! Finest Call Carb-Conscious mixes open up a world of light, refreshing and fruity alcoholic cocktails to low carbohydrate dieters everywhere! Non-slip handle guarantees easy usage Exclusive Smooth Pour Dispensing Closure on every bottle

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