Tea of a Kind Peach Ginger

Brand: Tea Of A Kind

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Tea of a Kind Peach Ginger Black Tea

Trust me, on so many levels, Tea of a Kind is a Game Changer

Tea of a Kind Peach Ginger Ginger Tea of a Kind Black Tea is a bottled iced-tea. It has the perfect amount of sweet and juicy summer-peach that has been infused with tasty, spicy ginger notes.

This is a drink that excites your tastebuds as it drenches your thirst. And because it is made with only natural goodness and there are no chemical preservatives, once inside it gets to work and does you good! It’s not every day we get to have something so darned delicious that is actually good for us now, is it? Well….. I did say it was a game changer didn’t I?

Lightly sweetened and freshly brewed from the moment you twist the clever Gizmo Tea of a Kind Peach Ginger contains only 40 calories and is a great way for mums to swap out some of those sugar-packed soda drinks.

You see, unlike those bottled teas you’ve been buying in the stores this one is made to be fresh and nutritious and though here’s not much to see at first but, it has an explosive surprise.

Before you’ve even paid for them, those other bottled teas have pretty much lost most of their nutritional value. They’ve been deteriorating from the moment they were bottled. They spend time on the shelf exposed to UV light, and temperature variations….. if there is anything left by the time you pay for it, it is chemicals that have preserved them.

However, because Tea of a Kind bottled Tea features the patented Gizmo closure its all natural ingredientsare perfectly preserved and their freshness and goodness is only released when you want to drink it.

There is loads of good in those ingredients, I could go on and on about all the health benefits of tea, and of Ginger, about the antioxidants and amino acids, and how it protects you from cancer and the like…

For now, just know that by giving this to your kids they’re benefitting from fresh natural ingredients and goodness. It’s a drink that does good. Just by swapping out a soda for a tea, you will have prevented your child from consuming so much chemical preservative or sugar packed drinks.

And if its for you…. it is doing you the power of good too. In so many ways.

It looks benign. The Gizmo is a storage and delivery system that preserves and protects the active ingredients from harmful environment factors, and it keeps the fresh taste


When you twist the Gizmo it is an incredible in action - just wait until you see!

Once twisted (even a small child can do it) with a whoosh the Gizmo releases 120 PSI of pressure safely into the sealed bottle. It mixes all of the active ingredients into the purified water, finishing the brew which is now ready for immediate consumption.

This is how the Gizmo ensures that you experience Tea of a Kind tea as fresh as the day it was bottled. However, if you have time, I wanted to explain how the Gizmo makes sure that every ingredient is as fresh and nutritious as the day it was bottled.

    • First real tea is brewed.
    • It is concentrated becoming a perfectly balanced elixir.
    • Within aseptic conditions the elixir is sealed into the Gizmo closure and all of the oxygen is purged.
    • It is immediately replaced with nitrogen which protects the tea from oxidation, UV light and other harmful factors.
    • This pressurized nitrogen preserves all the natural goodness and antioxidants without the need for chemical preservatives.

Tea of a Kind is refreshing, flavorful; nutritiously made using mother nature’s bounty. It’s not only thirst-busting. It is also very, very good for you.