Frostie Vanilla Root Beer 12oz

Brand: Frostie

Frostie Vanilla Root Beer

Origionally produced in 1939 the Frostie brand has undergone a few changes of ownership over the years. However, the great Frostie Root Beer formula that made it so popular back then, remains totally unchanged.

An old fashioned root beer through and through, and caffeine free Frostie's Vanilla Root Beer is a thirst quenchin' delight. Chill it, and drink it right out of the bottle or, if you’ve a mind to, pour it into a glass - add a scoop of ice-cream and makes an awesome ice-cream float!

It’s big on taste, deliciously sweet and oh, so creamy-soft. There's absolutely lashings of lush vanilla gorgeousness delivered with a good amount of carbonation and froth. The original root beer taste is there in the background with the vanilla flavor sticking around on the palate.

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