Soda Of The Month Subscription

Soda Of The Month Subscription

How it works: Six months of delicious craft and small batch soda delivered right to your doorstep. Each subscription allows you to enjoy 12 bottles each month of our curated selections. You will receive 12 different flavors each month of carefully selected bottles of soda for you to sample. Pay upfront a one time charge. There is no additional billing. We ship the second week of each month. If you order the third or fourth week of the current month, your subscription will not begin until the following month. Sorry, no substitutions. Shipping and handling are not included.

FRESH 12 Pack 12oz glass bottles of 4 different brands of Vintage American soda pop all made WITH PURE CANE SUGAR!!! This 12 pack consists of 3 bottles each of the following 4 brands: Nugrape grape soda, Nehi Orange, Bubble Up Lemon Lime and Dad's Root Beer. Great gift for the soda fanatic!! Or just enjoy yourself!!

Sodas make people smile... Who can place a value on the thirst quenching enjoyment our Soda Club provides each and every month? Enjoy drinking the carbonated goodness from soda manufacturers all around the country.

A Great Deal to Look Forward to... Every month we personally select 2 brands from our gourmet collection of sodas and then deliver 6 bottles of each brand (12 bottles total per month) for you to indulge. Experience sodas from cherished family recipes, some of which date as far back as the late 1890's.

We assure you with our Soda Club there will never be a dull month of refreshments around your home. Makes for a very memorable gift!

How many bottles do I receive each month?
12 bottles in total (6 bottles of Brand #1 and 6 bottles of Brand #2)
Do I get charged $41.97 every month?
Yes, your card with be charged on the 5th of each month
Does -1+ represent number of months?
No, this is the quantity you wish to order.
Can I Pause or Cancel at any time?
Yes, log into your account and click on Manage Subscription
When do the Clubs ship?
Our Clubs ship in the 3rd or 4th week of each month at which time tracking info will also post to your account

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