5-hour Energy Pomegranate 2oz

Brand: 5 Hour

5 Hour Energy Pomegranate

Combine the crisp refreshing fruit taste of Pomegranate with the awesome power of the 5-hour Energy shot you've come to rely on to get you through the day! 5-hour Energy Pomegranate's custom formula gives you energy and cranberry-cherry like sweet-tart enjoyment in a convenient bottle. Great for on-the-go, at work, at school: anywhere!

Pomegranate is prized for its tangy fruity taste, and now this drink delivers on that flavor along with its energy-boosting powers. The taste of pomegranate in 5-hour Energy Pomegranate is a citrus-like flavor that incorporates the tart taste of cranberries with the sweet taste of apples. It's a flavor unlike any other fruit and a treat long enjoyed by those who live along the Mediterranean Sea.