Bawls Guarana Caffine 10oz

Brand: Bawls

Bawls Guarana High Caffeine Guarana Soda

Bawls Guarana High Caffeine has a nice, citrus scent with a crisp lemon/lime flavor. High caffeine from the Guarana berry, light carbonation and sweetness combine to create a tasty, bubbly drink with a high-energy boost. This is the perfect pick me up for an afternoon lull, end of day crash or all night gaming session. It tastes so delicious that it's great for mixing or just on it's own.

Bawls High Caffeine Guarana hit the market in 1997 and has been energizing people ever since. Packaged in a distinctive, cobalt blue bottle Bawls Guarana Caffeine is the best tasting energy drink you will find!