Coke Mexican Refresco 355ml

Brand: Coke

Coca Cola Mexican Refresco

Despite its long history as a bottled soda, Coke, invented by in 1886 Dr John S. Pemberton and which first went on sale at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, was a soda fountain beverage (just 5 cents a glass!).

Its bottle life began in 1894 when Mississippi shop-keeper Joseph A. Biedenharn began to sell it in a Hutchinson glass bottle.

Coke has become an iconic drink, the most recognized brand world wide. Without language barriers, the word Coca - Cola is second only to the word 'Okay' and understood across all languages!

Coke wanted a more distinguished and original bottle shape and in 1916 the contoured shape, designed by The Root Glass Company was introduced the bottle becoming as iconic as the drink itself, in 1928 sales of bottles overtook those of the soda fountain.

Some say that Coke tastes better from a glass bottle, but Coke say that the ingredients and manufacturing processes are the same regardless of the vessel adding that taste experience can be altered by temperature, if drunk directly from the package, or after being poured into a glass. Other taste perception factors even the method by which it is poured, as well as what foods have been, or are being eaten, and so on.

We like ours ice cold, poured into an ice-filled glass where there is a wonderful eruption of fizz. We tasted vanilla, and spices cinnamon and nutmeg, along with citrus fruits lime, lemon and orange.

Why don't you experiment, and see how different things affect your experience?