Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer

Brand: Dang

Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer

Seriously? Butter Scotch and Root Beer in one bottle?

Dang - that’s gotta be good!

If you’re a lover of butter scotch candy, Dang Butterscotch Root Beer is for you. Melt in the mouth delicious, it is sweet and smooth (and caffeine free!).

There's a satisfying hiss as you pop the cap on this amber color retro-styled glass bottle, the liquid pouring without too much froth into the glass a deep brown hue.

The bubbles release the aroma which is both Root Beer and butterscotch in equal measure. The taste is not overly sugary, but it is smooth and wonderfully creamy, reminiscent of butterscotch candy, with an underlay of the root beer flavor coming through in the aftertaste.