Moon Pie Banana 2.75oz 9 Pack

Brand: Moon Pie

Moon Pie Banana

Moon Pie's are an all-American classic that have been around for donkeys years, a constant tasty treat companion. We loved 'em as kids and as we grew up. We've grown our kids up on them and we're growing our grand-kids up on them too!

Developed in 1917 the Moon Pie came about after a traveling salesman for the Chattanooga Bakery had made a call at an old mining town convenience store. Inquiring as to what kind of snacks the miners of the town might like he was informed "something filling and tasty to go into their lunch pails". He then wanted to know the size their ideal snack should be. With large work-worn hands held up toward the sky and framing a bright large full moon a wizened old timer, once a miner himself, declared that the snack should be "This big"

Returning to the bakery the salesman passing through the break room noticed two workers dipping large graham cookies into a jug of marshmallow. On seeing this he remembered the words of the old miner. He got more cookies and dipping one into marshmallow then placing another on top to make a sandwich he covered this with a thick coating of chocolate.

The Moon Pie became an immediate little kids our eager little hands could easily grip the Moon Pie. As toddlers loving nothing more than a sweet tasty treat we would pester our moms for Moon Pie. Later just like the miners, our own school lunch was made more exciting when it contained a Moon Pie treat.

We never tired of trying all the different flavors. Banana Moon Pie is amazing. It's thick banana flavored chocolate candy coating over two generous Graham cookies that have been filled with a sticky and gooey marshmallow center. At around 4 inches, a mighty Moon Pie is big enough to satisfy and we've never stopped craving them! So whether it's a single or a massive double-decker, make yours a Chattanooga Banana Moon Pie!