Ramune Sangaria Original 200ml

Brand: Ramuné

Ramuné Sangaria

Originating in Japan in 1884, Ramuné Sangaria has been gaining in popularity. This soda is sweeping across America where kids are pestering their parents to find it.

The small 200ml ‘cod neck’ bottle (nothing to do with fish!) is sealed with a marble and once opened (you’ll have a blast with that!) the fizz sends up a citrus aroma.

As you pour, the indentations of the ‘cod neck’ which should be downward, secure the marble, stopping it from blocking departure of the clear coloured soda. It has an interesting light sweetness, softly citrus and mild bubble-gum flavor, and gentle carbonation.

Now that you've found it, your kids will be so pleased! Due to its small size it is the perfect quantity for little tummies, and its gentle flavors make it ideal as a treat.

To open, Ramune Sangaria first remove the tamper proof tear seal, then from the plastic cap you have to push out the ‘plunger’. This is then used to push down the marble seal.