Red Bull 8.4oz

Brand: Red Bull

Everyone knows Red Bull gives you wings. Its little can is easy grab out of the fridge to drink real quick or to stash in your bag as you head out for a fun-packed day.

If you’re heading out early, why not drink one to get you going, containing caffeine, B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Sucrose, Glucose and Alpine spring water, Redbull’s sour cranberry taste wakes up those still sleeping taste buds and stimulates your senses! Now you're raring to go!

Half way through the day, if your energy levels begin to drop, a shot of Redbull, banishes flagging energy levels putting that bounce back in your step.

Staying alert in body and mind is essential, so at the end of your day, it can also provide a quick recharge, the pick me you need and providing that little extra spark keeping you going so you can live life to the max.