Swamp Pop "Praline Cream" 12oz

Brand: Swamp Pop

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Swamp Pop Praline Cream Soda

Swamp Pop is a new Lousiana-based soda company producing gourmet sodas inspired by regional ingredients. In addition to the Praline cream Soda, they are also producing a Cola with fig flavors (!), a Satsuma orange soda, and a julep-inflected ginger ale.

The Praline Cream Soda taste is sweet and nostalgic. It has a nice color in the glass - paler than a root beer; more like a ginger ale. This cream soda is pleasantly thin and well-carbonated, with unusually fine bubbles, producing a head not unlike a dark beer.

Obvious flavor notes are pecan, hazlenut, toffee, hot butter, and vanilla. There is a hint of coffee and cocoa, but this is possibly a sympathetic association with the other flavors. It’s a very strong mix without much tonality or subtlety, but it’s certainly unique and successfully evokes a toffee-covered pecan pie.