Virtuous Spitz Sunflower Seeds...


Spitz Seeds


Nutty, crunchy and totally delicious, sunflower seeds are often referred to as a "Super Food"; Nature jam-packing them with loads of health maintaining benefits. Eating a handful of these amazing little seeds provides the body with essential minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and loads of vitamins; boosting the immune system; helping to maintain skin, brain, bone and tissue health. They are virtuous indeed; however we're not health food experts, nor are we nutritionalists. We're not here to give you any hard sell on Spitz Sunflower Seeds as "health food" or to expound to you on the nutritional benefit of adding sunflower seeds to your diet, however, its true to say it's not all that often something this darned tasty does you so darned good!

Made to the highest standards Spitz Sunflower Seeds are created in single batches in a totally peanut free environment which is brilliant news to those who have to worry about allergies to nuts...come to think of it, they'd make a pretty great alternative to a pack of nuts....where was I? Oh yeah.... Spitz Sunflower Seeds are processed with great care using a patented process, the seeds gently roasted coated with specially blended seasonings. Without doubt Spitz Sunflower Seeds are the biggest and best that are available, and they are positively bursting with full-on yummy flavor.

We just can't leave 'em alone, which is fine actually since they're so guilt free.

So OK, they're good for and they're tasty but what other virtues do they have?

Well, just like us Spitz Sunflower Seeds are born ready; a pack is just so easy to carry and so they are a really convenient, mess free and immediate snack that needs no special container or cooler. You can open a pack and tuck right in, wherever and whenever.

So they're great quality and super convenient...did we mention too how tasty they are? Or how good for you?

Snatch a pack when heading out to see the Padres, or have 'em to hand ready to serve when your friends drop by. Perfect for entertaining and ready to go Spitz Sunflower Seeds leave you free to concentrate on having fun.

They accompany beer or soda so well. Yeah that does sound pretty good right now doesn't it?

Can't wait to dig in? You'd better hurry then before we eat 'em all! Dill Pickle is one of our favorites! There's also Salted, Seasoned, Smokey BBQ or Cracked Pepper too. Better yet; try 'em all!